Two women tried “weed tampons” to soothe period cramps, and here’s how it went

Cramps are the absolute bane of a woman’s existence, and sometimes it seems like absolutely nothing will ever get rid of them. That’s why our curiosity, and hopes, are peaked by this new product colloquially called a “weed tampon,” though that’s totally not what it is, as we’ll explain.

In a video by Buzzfeed, two women volunteered themselves for our benefit, and now we’re even more interested to try this product for ourselves.

They both describe their experience with severe period cramps. One of them says she went on birth control as a young teenager to control her cramps, and the other says she pops Motrin “10, 12 pills, that’s what it takes to relieve the pain.”

But yes, period cramps are THE WORST. Enter Foria Relief.

Released in 2016, Foria Relief was released in California. A cannabis-based vaginal suppository meant to soothe cramps, it’s made of cocoa butter, THC oil, and CBD isolate, and is not at all a tampon. Once inserted, it dissolves with the heat of your body. The THC and CBD help to relieve muscle spasms by decreasing contractions and increasing blood flow. The product, when used correctly, does not get a person “high.”

Dr. Jennifer Berman, sexual health expert, urologist and female sexual medicine specialist, says Foria prevents the need for higher level narcotics that can lead to addiction.

Sounds pretty awesome, except for the learning curve of how to properly use it. One woman says the product broke in half when she put it in, and she used a tampon to insert it all the way. She saved the other half for later.

As a fibromyalgia patient who suffers chronic pain, she says nothing relaxes her muscles like THC and CBD, and was optimistic about Foria.

After five hours, one of the women felt merely relaxed and tired, but she had no cramps. The other woman never inserted the second half, instead she ate it. And got high. No word on whether that helped her cramps or not.