These are the two surprisingly affordable products Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist uses to clean brushes

Confession time — makeup brush cleansers annoy me to the fullest. I’m admittedly heavy-handed with product and with my acne-prone skin I can totally overdo it when it comes to sanitizing my tools. An average-sized bottle of brush cleaner has a shelf life of two weeks in my world.

This has caused me to be a bit more creative. I’ve tried a bevy of anti-bacterial soaps (Dial works great) and every dish soap that claims to be a degreaser (shoutout to Dawn).

It turns out me and my makeshift brush cleansers are in good company. Mario Dedivanovic, who does makeup for Kim Kardashian and is launching his makeup palette with Anastasia Beverly Hills this week, shared his go-to brush cleaners on Snapchat and they’re totally not what you’d expect.


No fancy shmancy Parisian brand formulated with unicorn tears and the juice of the rarest fruit, just good ol’ fashioned baby shampoo and tea tree oil.


This combo actually makes perfect sense. Baby shampoo is a gentle cleanser that also helps to remove oils, and tea tree oil is a natural astringent that kills bacteria. Even better, both are super cheap especially compared to the aforementioned Parisian unicorn tear variety. You can literally buy this baby shampoo everywhere, like at Target for five bucks, and the Fantasia Tea Tree Naturals oil he uses can be picked up at Walmart for around $10.


Thank you Mario, for co-signing this simple AND affordable brush cleansing process!