We’ve got TWO (!!) brand new images from “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”

There are two new Gilmore Girls images today, and one of the might make you cry.

Or maybe both of them will make you cry, IDK how emotionally invested you are in Gilmore Girls (answer: Very).

Earlier today, as part of their giant Fall TV Preview, Entertainment Weekly released a pair of new image from the upcoming Netflix revival. Brace yourselves, because…

The Gilmore Girls — Emily included!! — are at a cemetery.


More than likely, the three are visiting Richard Gilmore’s grave (played by the late, great Edward Herrmann). Pause to cry for at least a half hour over this. If you’re thinking that A Year in the Life wasn’t going to emotionally wreck you, YOU ARE WRONG.

The second image is much happier, even though it does appear that Luke is scolding Rory for ~something~. Maybe she pulled out her cellphone to check Twitter?


Remember how you read (roughly 100 times) the first page of the Gilmore Girls script yesterday? More than likely, the image above comes shortly after the episode opens. Lorelai’s got her coffee, and there are also two brown paper bags here, too, just like the script mentioned. Thrilled to know that as soon as Lorelai and Rory meet up again, their first stop is Luke’s on this cold winter day.

Only 78 more days of patiently waiting for A Year in the Life!

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