The world just got TWO new cat breeds (and they’re PRECIOUS)

We’ve got big news for cat lovers! (That’s pretty much all of us, amirite?) The world officially now has TWO new cat breeds. And brace yourself, Internet, because they are incredibly unique and completely adorbs.

We’ve got cat breeder April Arguin to thank for this double miracle. April runs Lil Nudists Cattery, and no, it’s not quite what it sounds like. The cattery gets its name from the special hairless cats that April breeds. (In other words, the cats are naked, not the people.) April specializes in two rare cat breeds: the Bambino and the Sphynx. Neither have hair. The Bambino has the extra-special feature of super short legs, which make it look like a tiny kitten for its entire life. A tiny, hairless kitten. (All the cat-with-heart-eyes emojis!)

Hairless cats are much better for people with allergies than cats who have fur. According to LiveScience, approximately ten percent of the human population is allergic to household pets. If you’re allergic to pets, you’re TWICE as likely to be allergic to cats than dogs. While the actual part of a cat that causes allergies isn’t the fur (it’s the dander), allergy sufferers tend to do much better around hairless breeds. That sort of limits your options. Hairless cats aren’t exactly common. And while they may not have fur, all of them have tails. Or they did until now.

As April told the Daily Mail, her dream was to “produce an adorable bobtail cat that everyone would be able to enjoy.” That’s where the two new breeds come in! April bred her Bambinos and her Sphynx cats each with a Bobtail cat. The results? Adorable hairless, bobtail kittens.

April is apparently just as good as naming cats as she is at breeding them, because she’s dubbed the new breeds the Sphynxiebob…

And the Bambob…

We think this is beyond perfect. After all, cute cats deserve cute names.

Creating a new cat breed is no easy feat. April says, “We had to really do our research before we started, into the breed, before we did our very first pairing and make sure the genetics were all appropriate to combine together. We got expert advice from our veterinarian and really made sure that we were going to be producing beautiful healthy cats.”

Also, because of the hairless gene is recessive, the first litters were born with hair. April then took the pick of each litter and bred them again to a hairless cat. According to April, “It takes three generations to get the hairless gene back into the kittens and carry on the bobtail.”

From the looks of things, April nailed it.

They’re not just lookers, either. April says both breeds are affection, playful and good with children. Awwwwwww.

April is quick to point out that she’s not into creating new cat breeds to make money. It’s a labor of love, something she does “for the betterment of the breed and for sharing these amazing creatures with the world.”

Find out more about the Sphynxiebob and the Bambob in the video below. If you’re anything like us, you may find yourself watching it again and again.


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Images and video via YouTube.