Two moose decided to duel in someone’s driveway, which is, ya know, totally casual

Because animals give zero effs about where they do their wild deeds, here are two moose that decided to battle in a driveway that presumably does not belong to them. That’s an assumption we’ve made since the last time we checked, moose don’t own anything. Nevertheless, they will gladly take advantage of stuff humans foot the bill for.

Don’t believe it? Turn on your sprinklers and the moose family will come and play, and in the case of this pissed-off pair, stand by helplessly while they turn your driveway into a WWF ring. A statue of a moose and an emcee to announce the stats (height, weight, antler width) would’ve made this epic throw down all the way official, but clearly these are simple creatures who don’t require all that human-sanctioned fuss in order to engage in a battle royale.

But we do! Who’s down for a play-by-play of this moose face-off? Let’s get ready to RUMMMBLE!

Left Moose starts out with the clear advantage.

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But Right Moose is actually stronger.

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Oh snap! Left Moose is now Right Moose and he’s in trouble.

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Whew, we’re sweating bullets over here for both of these animals as well as the homeowners, who were probably hoping moose damage fell under their insurance coverage.

We don’t want to give away the outcome, so here’s the full video.

We appreciate the bravery of the person behind the camera, but we can’t say we would’ve been courageous enough to film this fight.