Two million people have signed a petition asking for the electoral college to vote for Hillary, and here’s what that means

Hillary Clinton’s historic run for president has been a major topic of conversation the past few days — especially after it was determined that she technically won the popular vote (aka, the actual majority of votes).

And Cosmo let us know that over two million people have signed a petition asking the electoral college to vote for Hillary instead of President Elect Donald Trump on December 19th.

Some of you out there may be asking what exactly this means. Donald Trump won, and that’s final, right? Not exactly. Ultimately, the president is voted in by the members of the electoral college (i.e. specifically selected people in each state who have pledged to vote for the candidate who won the majority of votes in their state).

This means that technically, a candidate who won the majority of votes nationwide (like Clinton did) could still lose the election, because some states are way more populated than others. And yes, there’s also a petition to get rid of the electoral college altogether floating around out there, just in case you were wondering.

The particular pro-Hillary petition gives people an opportunity to state a reason why they favor Hillary over Trump, and many are arguing that Trump is “unfit” to serve due to his lack of political experience, and that Hillary has been preparing for this job her whole life.

While it’s unlikely that members of the electoral college (aka “electors”) will vote against who they’ve pledged to vote for, in theory the results of the election could change if enough of them chose that route. Whatever happens, it’s great to see people banding together in this tense political time, and standing up for what they believe in.

A great example of that is Hillary herself, who voiced her commitment to this country during her concession speech.

If you’d like to read the petition or sign it, you can do so here. And regardless of your political affiliation, this is a powerful reminder to ALWAYS voice your opinion, no matter if it’s controversial, expected, or unexpected!