Two Kid Writers Pen Book of Life Rules

In “what am I doing with my life” news, two California elementary school students just accidentally snagged a book deal with Simon & Schuster.

A few years back when I was supplementing my life with a full-time babysitting stint, I’d always complain to friends that spending time with toddlers all day was actively making me dumber due to lack of stimulating conversation. Turns out I should have been listening a little bit harder to their garbled mumblings, because kids say the darndest things — and in the case of 10-year-old Isabelle Busath and her 8-year-old cousin Isabella Thordsen, those darn things make a book if you write them all down.

Before they had agents, Isabelle and Isabella kept a notebook filled with totally legit rules for life, such as “Don’t stuff food in your mouth,” and “No pretending to drown.” One day they lost that notebook outside of a Walmart and likely experienced the pain of a thousand rejection letters as their life’s work disappeared in a sea of smiley face stickers and royal blue vests. Not really. But they did actually lose the notebook at a Walmart. What happened after that was nothing short of miraculous, as an employee found the book and took to a local news channel in an attempt to return it to its rightful owners.

The book, titled Isabelle and Isabella’s Little Book of Rules, was picked up shortly thereafter for publication and will officially hit shelves in October. At first, the girls were concerned about their literary integrity, assuming it’d get sent through the editing ringer and lose all substance.

Phew. With their book left untouched and fast fame on the horizon, one can’t help but wonder what the two little smarties are spending their advance money on.

P.S. “Don’t bite the dentist.”

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