These two BFFs have exchanged the same birthday card for 47 YEARS

Thanks to Facebook, it’s never been easier to remember a friend’s birthday. All we have to do is look in the left-hand column and there it is, a friendly reminder that today is so and so’s special day. We write something on their wall and poof! Obligatory birthday wishes completed. But what about before Facebook? Sometimes we forget that there are those who have been remembering birthdays without the aid of Facebook or a digital alert, and more impressively–they sent cards. Cards that arrived in time for the actual celebration. Nowadays most of us are thrilled if our mothers remember to send a card they find outside the check-out line at Target within the same month.

Well, these two BFFs take the cake (pun intended) on the birthday front. As told by Reddit user LincolnsLostSpeech, their fiance’s uncle and cousin have exchanged the same birthday card for 47 years.

47 years!!!

That’s crazy! We’re impressed the card hasn’t gotten lost in the mail, or simply been misplaced.

It was bought way back in 1970 for 25 cents. Considering a card nowadays is closer to five bucks, we’re jealous. A stamp costs more than the card!

And yet, the two have definitely gotten their money’s worth. The card seems to only get better with age:

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The front is just as adorable:

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Way to go, Bill and Steve. You give us the ultimate #friendshipgoals.

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