Things only people with two best friends understand

The phrase “the more the merrier” has never been more true than when it comes to best friends. Having a deep, emotional and hilarious bond with one person is special and important — having it with two? It’s downright crazy, but in the best way possible. As someone with two best friends herself, I know things can get hectic, but for all those multiple-best-friends-havers, just know you’re not alone. Here are some things we can all relate to.

The frantic group message. A group message is the only form of communication that makes sense when there’s three people, but it’s the phone equivalent of standing in a room and shouting over each other. When there’s so much to say, your phone is buzzing a mile a minute, and you have to keep scrolling back to figure out how you started talking about what it is you’re talking about.

Mixing up their names. It’s like how my parents sometimes call me by our dog’s name. It happens.

Using one as a back-up. For instance, today I needed a favor, and when the first friend didn’t respond to my text in under .2 seconds, I copy/pasted what I sent to the other. I’m nothing if not efficient.

Forgetting which friend you already told the story to. You remember telling this story before, but you could have sworn it was to the other friend. The bored look in your best friend’s eye says otherwise.

Forgetting which friend was there for the story. Wait, was it with you that I got food poisoning at that fast food place? Or was that with you? Ugh, why don’t we just do everything all together always?!

The amazing day that is Galentines Day! This Parks and Recreation-based day, all about celebrating the cool ladies in your life, is the most important day of the year when you have two best friends. You have the buy the presents, coordinate plans, and get a table big enough to hold everyone’s brunch.

The fact that no two friends are allowed to hang out without the third. EVER. Because if they do, they’re in danger of incurring the wrath of the next point.

Getting annoyed when the other two have an inside joke that you’re not a part of. Nope, sorry. We have to all be in on the jokes, that’s an official rule of best-friendom.

Trying to explain the inside joke so everyone can be a part of it. But then sometimes…you’re guilty of doing the same thing. So you hastily try to explain the inside joke in the best way possible so they’ll see how funny it is and be in on it too.

There’s never a lull in the conversation. If the conversation ends with one friend, it’s picked up by the other. No awkward silences here. Sometimes people have to tell you to shut up.

All squeezing in to one double bed. Nobody makes beds for three, so sleepovers or traveling are always an adventure. Everyone just has to get cozy.

No matter where you go you are #SquadGoals. When the three of you walk down the street, it feels like it’s a slow motion music video. Everybody wants to be a part of your clearly amazing squad, and you know what? I think we have room for more.

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