Twitter is having too much fun turning Bernie Sanders into a Disney princess

Presidential campaign rallies have been pretty intense lately, so any chance for comic relief is welcome. And during Bernie Sanders’ recent speech in Portland, an opportunity presented itself when a straight-out-of-Disney bird flew up on stage, right onto Bernie’s podium. This made the audience smile and cackle with laughter, and they even gave the bird a standing ovation!

Bernie saw the humor as well, and it was a sweet, perfect moment between bird and man.

As the crowd calmed down, Bernie declared, “I think there’s some symbolism here. I know it doesn’t look like it, but that bird is really a dove asking us for world peace.” That was all it took to get another thunderous round of applause. Now that’s what we call killing two birds with um, seizing the moment.

Of course, this whole incident caused everybody on Twitter to start using the hashtag #BirdieSanders, and people started coming up with their own versions of Bernie surrounded by little birdies. It didn’t take long for a theme to emerge:

With this attention, Bernie’s basically gained a whole new level of celebrity status.

People really put on their creative hats.

Running as a Disney princess may not be the most traditional approach, but it’s certainly pretty original. Sooooo it’s official: Birdie Sanders is running for president, everybody! Check out the video of his avian endorsement below:

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