People are not happy with Twitter’s latest notifications update

If you’re not an avid Twitter user, you may not know that there’s an account run by Twitter admins called Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety), and its sole purpose is to make sure your experience on Twitter is a, you guessed it, safe one. They update you on all the latest changes Twitter is making to their site, as well as give you tips on how to use social media in a smart, secure way.

Their latest tweet is getting some people riled up, though. They’ve JUST announced that Twitter will no longer send you notifications when someone adds you to their List, which is a curated group of Twitter accounts.

Not surprisingly, there are quite a few Twitter users out there who aren’t on board with this news, because they feel like their safety is actually being compromised by not knowing when they get put on other people’s lists.

Unfortunately, we live in the kind of Twitter world where certain people who speak up about certain issues get targeted by cyberbullies. These Twitter users get verbally abused in a public forum, which has all kinds of lasting consequences on them and the people who witness it. That’s why so many people believe getting a notification for when you’re added to someone else’s list is a right that shouldn’t be taken away from them. Nobody wants to get, or deserves to be, trolled.

However, there are some people who are just as concerned with the safety issue as they are displeased about the fact that Twitter is getting rid of one its most useful features, since knowing who adds you to their list can be a tool used in networking in specific circles on Twitter.

Whatever the case may be for those who oppose this change, this Twitter user is asking the question we all would like to hear the answer to. false

Ball’s in your court, Twitter.

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