Twitter’s newest meme is calling out some serious copycats and it is LOL-worthy

Honestly, all the great memes that came out this year made the hard parts a little more bearable. Tumblr might be the reining leader in meme-production, but Twitter holds its own when it comes to jokes.

You can discover all of Twitter’s newest meme, tentatively titled “Can I copy your homework?” in Twitter moments compilation. Inspired by the old-school days of sharing your homework with a buddy, these copies are just slightly off from the originals, the bare minimum to not get in trouble.

Like Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint, for example. false

Or these two cereals.

With similar items, promo material, and even gestures and clothing (some of these are serious doppelgangers), we’re sort of scratching our heads wondering how people think they’re getting away with these copies when they’re so obviously not.

Then again, if everyone did things the “correct” way, we wouldn’t be blessed with such interweb greatness (and that’s not a world we want at all)!

What we want to know is how this kept happening.

What about two beloved soft drinks? Surely they’ll change it up enough not to be confused.

Okay, it’s getting a little out of hand (but seriously hilarious). Those are products. How would two people or costumes be too close to call? Don’t worry, the internet has you covered. false


And what about movies? No one would mimic something that closely, would they (YES. YES THEY WOULD).

We know they won’t mess with time-honored holiday traditions. But then again, the internet does what it wants so…

If you’re getting a headache like we are, there’s one last copycat you need to see before you go. Trust us.


See? 2016 might be almost over, but look at all the meme glory we get to go out with. That is a beautiful way to start 2017 off right. Thanks, memers, for the memories!

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