Twitter’s newest hashtag is teaching us all the hilarious truth about when it’s really “True Love”

True love means different things to different people, and people are sharing what it means to them with the newest Twitter hashtag ItsOnlyTrueLoveIf… Yep, then they fill in the blank.

Everything from being like Monica and Chandler…

…to a love of technology…


…to bonding over each other’s common interests, like weirdness…

…and Star Wars.


And love for animals counts, too.

And their love for you.

As well as love ~between~ animals.

Some people have simple standards of #ItsOnlyTrueLoveIf, like if someone calls them back, i.e., doesn’t ghost.

And with ghosting popular when it comes to dating these days, some think that’s the definition of true love — if someone actually tells them they’re not interested versus going MIA.


Speaking of ghosts, Halloween’s coming up, and some people think the true test of true love is if you get matching costumes (no matter how creepy). “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” though, right?!

Of course, attraction to someone is important, too.

And accepting them for who they are — rn.

And patience, amirite?!


Brb while we go think of some #ItsOnlyTrueLove-isms of our own.