The best fake Twitter accounts for YA characters

With so many amazing YA books on the market these days (and A Tale of Two Besties about to join them), it can be tough to find the time to keep up with your pleasure reading. Trust me, I understand.

Which is why I was excited to find a new wave of faux Twitter accounts in the voices of YA characters. Short and sweet anecdotes poking some witty fun at our favorite genres? Yes, please. Thanks to these accounts, we’re now able to dip into the world of YA lit for a few refreshing moments when picking up a book just isn’t an option. And a way to figure out what, say, Katniss Everdeen thinks about that latest episode of Orphan Black. Let’s make some introductions, shall we?

Leading the pack in this trend is Dystopian YA Novel. Are you a fan of The Hunger Games? Maybe more of a Divergent aficionado? Or perhaps you appreciate some of the lesser-known, up-and-coming sagas out there? Either way, don’t worry. You’ll get the references either way.

Next up is Typical YA Heroine, who doesn’t discriminate, and represents most subgenres. Do you want a Twitter friend who laments about high school, hot guys, and fighting evil? Look no further.

Of course, a collection of YA characters wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t hear from the guys, now would it? Brooding YA Hero has been busy lately.

And, even supporting characters get some love, too. What’s a YA novel without an entourage of besties circling around the main character?

Last but not least, we have the parents! Mom’s account has been a bit quieter than Dad’s lately, but there’s still an entertaining backlog of tweets to get you through the rainy days. 

Warning: these accounts may take up more time than you planned to spend on Twitter. And, this list is only the tip of the iceberg. There are others out there, too including YA Fantasy Hero, as well as a number of faux accounts representing other genres, like Typical NA Heroine, Typical NA Hero, Trope Heroine, and Trope Hero. Enjoy! 

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