Women on Twitter are comparing themselves to cheesecake for the sweetest reason

We live for internet, but it can also be a pretty cruel place. Bullying happens all too often online and it can have devastating effects. So we’re feeling all emosh after some women on Twitter yesterday stood up to a major bully in the most heartwarming (and delicious) way.

Twitter user @spokenELLE noticed a guy comparing a picture of a girl in a beautiful red and white prom dress to strawberry cheesecake — which, let’s be real, is kinda mean. So she encouraged other ladies on Twitter to use this as a teachable moment: You can’t make fun of one person if everyone is making a joke. “This asshole compared a girl to cheesecake so now we’re all comparing ourselves to cheesecake,” she wrote. “[J]oin us.”

@spokenELLE kicked off the cheesecake extravaganza with a lovely comparison pic of herself and some cherry chocolate cheesecake, using the hashtag #compareyourselftoacheesecake2016.

And thus, the most creatively delicious body-positive hashtag was born:

Some women even cleverly decided to branch out into other desserts:

What a body-positive clap back! Naturally, the original Twitter poster has responded to all this claiming that he was saying she “look[ed] good enough to eat,” but no one really cares what that guy has to say anymore, because we’re all too busy trying to find our perfect cheesecake to pair with our selfies.

Oh, Twitter. Never change.

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