Twitter went cray for last night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and we’re here for it!

We knew it was gonna be big, but this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris was so epic that people on Twitter can’t stop talking about it.

The show — which aired on CBS — featured an incredible line-up of models like the Hadid siblings and Adriana Lima, and entailed some majorly inspired runway looks — like Kendall Jenner’s red peacock from heaven and badass Victorian goddess ensembles. Oh, and there were performances by musical guests Bruno Mars, The Weeknd and Lady GaGa!

If you’re wondering who was tuned in and what they liked best, the evidence is all there on social media. In fact, Twitter was positively abuzz!

Take a look:


So much yes to that, Haley Dunphy!




As you can see, it was a night the Internet will remember forever (or, at least for a few days)!

Now our only question is, where can we get all those looks for ourselves?? Oh, and where can we realistically wear them? Costume parties? The beach? Alone in our living rooms? We’ll take it!

Either way, Christmas is coming up and we’ve been officially inspired to get creative with some new outfits.

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