Twitter users are sharing the weirdest questions kids have ever asked them and no, you don’t need Instagram to get a bank account

Why is the sky blue? Is a lion a good pet? Why are those two people smashing their faces together? Listen, figuring out how the world works is a process of trial and error for kids. But luckily, the errors are often hilarious for adults, as little ones suss out our society and how they fit into it.

This weekend on Twitter, users have been sharing the very best and weirdest questions they’ve been asked by kids. At best, these questions are simply hysterical. At worst, they definitely put adults in a rather awkward position of exactly how to explain a few things. In the middle somewhere, we’re a little worried about what they think Instagram is for.

Here’s some of our favorites:

Imagine trying to explain what the cheese powder is.

Only in our hearts, bb.


Time to watch Inside Out  again!


And God said unto them, “Papaya!”


Our ID photos would be way better if this were true.

Would be SO tempted to tell them the story of how you met Jack and learned about love.


We were all kids once, and probably have more than one older relative who could embarrass us with stories of bizarre and inappropriate questions we asked. The important thing is, they’re asking questions, and it’s really kind of beautiful to help them learn about the world (and how long ago 1918 was.)

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