How this guy started a Twitter war that ended in him getting free pizza for a year

A British man’s pizza dreams have come true — he won free pizza once a week for an entire year simply by sending out a few tweets. We’re not saying we’re jealous, but pizza is our favorite food group. He started a mini Twitter war in the process, but free pizza happened, so we’re sure it was totally worth it.

Here’s what went down on Twitter: Dan May saw that British mobil phone carrier O2 tweeted an offer to send customers free pizza if they tweeted their address with the hashtag #waggytails.

Since free pizza is way better that not-free pizza, May tweeted them his address. He wrote, “@O2 Hungry #O2Priority customer requests pizza-related help at [address removed for pizza privacy] #waggytails.” He anxiously waited for the arrival of his pizza (because pizza), but it never showed up. Meanwhile, O2 created yet another giveaway — this time, free ice cream for your entire office.

But naturally, May was still upset about his lack of pizza, so he did what any pizza-loving person in his situation would do, he tweeted his disappointment. “@O2 disappointed we received no pizza. Now thinking about joining @ThreeUK instead. 

 however would change that — [addressed removed for pizza privacy again],” he wrote.

Three quickly jumped at the social media opportunity to try and fix this unfortunate situation:

And then a full-fledged Twitter war broke out in the best way.

The biggest winner was obviously May, since he won free pizza and ice cream for the day, of course, along with continuous free pizza for an entire year. But O2 and Three weren’t far behind. Their responses and marketing ideas were nothing short of brilliant.

Also, “pizza the action” is really nothing short of brilliant.

(Images via iStockPhoto and Twitter.)

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