This Twitter user’s pizzas might be the cutest in the world

It’s no secret that we’re a little obsessed with pizza. Is it the perfect food? Maybe, as there are plenty of variations on the sauce/cheese/topping formula that goes into making the perfect pie. But one Twitter user has taken his pizza obsession to a new and adorable level, and we are here. For. It.

@38beem makes tiiiny pizzas using a tiiiny wood-fired oven, and their posts are giving us LIFE.

The hobbyist, who goes by their Twitter handle, uses dumpling pastry, pizza sauce, and tiny bits of ham, peppers, and cheese to for their squeal-worthy tiny pizzas. Even looking at the ingredients alone activates that part of my brain that goes “Awww” — as well as the part that thinks that damn, that’d actually be really tasty, mini or not:

Inexplicably/amazingly, @38beem features figurines in their collection a lot, most notably this expressive Bruce Lee:

Besides Bruce, several other figurines make appearances, including these Pokémon faves (Eevee!):

And because we love a good cat sighting, here’s a shot with a little meow off in the background:

The oven itself seems like a relatively simple design, and while I won’t be swapping my regularly sized one anytime soon, maybe larger variant of these designs could be useful for cookouts and other scenarios involving fired-up foods:

For those of us in the know, @38beem’s pizzas fit into a larger tiny food culture. Don’t know what that means? Prepare to do a deep dive in YouTube and perhaps beyond; sorry in advance/you’re welcome:

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