No one told these Twitter users these important things, and we are right there with them

We’ve all managed to make complete fools of ourselves at some point in time. Sometimes it’s because we missed out on important life lessons; sometimes things just don’t “click” until we try and spectacularly fail.

And on occasion, our common sense straight up takes a vacation.

The following ten brave souls were willing to spill some of their stories on Twitter (props to them for their candor!). We’re guessing their tales of woe will inspire not only some laughter and a few cringes, but a lot of “me too” moments as well.


From tricky fruit…


Not so bad. And fortunately for @The98OG, this is actually a thing, apparently??? More than a few commentators shared messages of mango-skin-eating solidarity.

…To shocking discoveries

Okay, no judgment here, but this one leaves us wondering why Siggins @FattPiggins was licking batteries until the age of 14.

Pronunciation miscommunication…


Hey, not nearly as bad (or as much fun) as non-Spanish speakers trying to figure out “La Jolla.”

…to truly SEARING revelations

AAAA!!! Okay, if you’re in a hurry, we can see why you’d do that. NOT ANY MORE, THOUGH. Please seek medical attention, Kody Lava!!! Put some ice on that burn!!!

And extremely unrelaxing “Me-Time” findings…


By valiantly subjecting themselves to Internet humiliation, these folks reminded us of a sad and beautiful truth: we’re human, and we ain’t always the brightest!

So go forth and make mistakes with alacrity. (Just don’t injure yourself, please.) Learn new things! Be gentle with yourself! And never be afraid to laugh at yourself a little too.

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