There’s a reason your Twitter timeline looks WAY different today

If you’re incredibly unobservant like some of us (cough) you may not have noticed that Twitter took handles out of replies so your 140 character limit is a little less restrictive than it once was. Since it’s hard enough to fit your message in under 140 characters, let alone doing so when you’re tweeting at a friend —  or worse, two friends — we’re pretty appreciate of this little adjustment.

Now you no longer have to stop speaking to the friend with the obnoxiously long Twitter handle, like you’ve been considering. (It’s okay, we’ve all been there.)

Twitter announced the changeup in a tweet from the official account with a video, and honestly we’re feeling pretty #blessed right now.

This isn’t the first time Twitter has modified their character counting criteria to make our lives easier. They also recently made it so that any pictures, videos, or links no longer take up space in your character count. If you, like us, can spend 250 words talking about, oh, dunno, something like Twitter taking usernames out of character counts, we’re sure you’re equally thrilled.

Twitter considered bumping up their character count to a seriously high 10,000 last year, but ultimately decided against it because it would change the functionality of the site. Much as we get frustrated when we can’t figure out how to bake what we want to say into a brief 140 characters, it’s definitely a core part of the website’s interface, and makes Twitter the gold mine of weird surrealist internet humor and hilarious headlines that it is.

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