A Twitter user has been dealing with trolls for months by telling them how good “Magic Mike XXL” is, and we’re dying

With the anonymity and freedom that the internet affords, come the trolls. These trolls can be incredibly aggressive — and hard to ignore, especially on Twitter. But, over the years, we’ve come up with pretty effective ways of dealing with Twitter trolls. Like blocking them, which Twitter has made it easier to do. Or clicking that “report abuse” button Twitter instituted a couple years ago. Our favorite method? Trolling the trolls right back.

For Jessica Chastain, that meant using some biting sarcasm on Twitter to shut down men mansplaining women’s health and feminism to her.

Blogger Chiara Sasti printed her haters’ tweets on toilet paper.

And, for the past several months, screenwriter and Twitter user BenDavid Grabinski has been trolling his trolls by bringing up the cinematic masterpiece that is Magic Mike XXL. false

Grabinski, who has worked as a writer and director, has clearly been a fan of the Magic Mike franchise for quite some time. false false

But in late January, he started mentioning the movie as a method of shutting down rude, obnoxious, and abusive people in his mentions. false false false

The best part? It seems to do the trick!

At the very least it works better than the other strategies Grabinski’s tried. false false

It works on Twitter DMs, too. false false false

Grabinski’s Magic Mike XXL Twitter troll strategy is absolutely legendary.

We’re not the only ones taking note.

Consider us fans — of Grabinski now and, of course, Magic Mike XXL as well.

It is, after all, one of the best movies of all time.

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