Twitter is trolling Trump so hard with suggestions for his next chief of staff

The current chaos in the Trump White House has virtually become a national punchline. During Trump’s two years in office, countless high-level staffers have left their roles—the most recent of whom is White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. With Kelly’s departure, the president has lost two chiefs of staff in two years—and he’s reportedly struggling to find the next person for the job. Trump announced Kelly would resign by the end of the year on December 8th and promised to find a replacement within a couple of days. His top choice for the job seemed to be Nick Ayers, Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff…but then Ayers revealed that he planned to leave the administration as well before the end of 2018.

Trump then denied that he had been considering Ayers for the role, blaming reports on “Fake News” in a tweet. The president added that he had been “interviewing some really great people” and would be “making a decision soon.”

And of course, Twitter has its own ideas about who should take up the mantle.


Some even thought former government employees might have a shot.

Only time will tell who actually takes the chief of staff job—and how long they’ll stay.

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