You will not be able to get through this Twitter thread about unpopular pop culture opinions without getting mad

There are just some unpopular opinions that are just unforgivable and this Twitter thread has a whole slew of them. From whether or not Peeps are actually good to opinions on Apple’s latest toy, the internet is full of people sharing their thoughts. The problem with this thread? Some of these just feel so wrong.

Here’s the thing: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

It’s what makes the world go round. If we all thought the same thing, it wouldn’t be fun. But when it comes to pop culture, it’s a little more convoluted. When lots of people have similar reactions to popular stories, it feels like we should all be in somewhat agreement that those shows (or movies or whatever) are universally “good.”

But these Twitter jokes beg to differ.

According to this thread, there is a whole lot of wrong opinions out there that we’re just casually ignoring. It all started with this simple tweet from comedian Ian Karmel. false

The thread started off innocent enough. People were expressing their opinions and it was just a free for all of sharing. But then this one happened.

Now Seinfeld doesn’t have to be your favorite show. It certainly isn’t for a lot of people. But the cultural importance of the show still remains. So to say it was just “OK” is a pretty insane statement to make. Surely he’s just kidding around.

Unfortunately it was the tamest of the group of tweets.


Seriously. The Godfather. One of the greatest movies (argued by many critics and film historians) of all time. He found it boring? Hopefully, since he’s a comedy writer, this is just another joke.

VEEP, a show inspired by the British show The Thick of It, is highly regarded by every award show a television program can be a part of. But you know, it’s overrated.

In case you missed it, he said VEEP was overrated.

Goonies never say die but that doesn’t mean anything to this man. false

The worst were the responses that the movie is just “kids screaming in a cave.” It’s like they never even watched it and enjoyed the true meaning of The Goonies.

But luckily there were others who were utterly disgusted by this lack of empathy for cultural icons.


Sure, the internet can be a fun place where we connect to one another. But it can also have a whole slew of frustrating opinions that make you angrier the more you look at them. Hopefully most of these were just people joking around. But no matter what, they’ve got us feeling pretty strongly about protecting the legacy of our favorite shows.

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