The Internet is having its way with Storm Barney, is making all the Barney jokes

People who name storms: pay attention. Because the Internet is ready and willing to poke fun at these meteorological monikers.

Tonight, Storm Barney is making its way across Ireland, England, and Wales with 60-70mph winds. Yet, all the Internet can think about is the fact that someone decided to name this storm Barney.

That’s right. The friendly purple dinosaur who loves to sing and dance will – apparently – be destructively dancing his way through the U.K. (This totally puts our beloved childhood memories in a different, quite scary perspective.)

Even the Dublin Fire Brigade got in on the action:

On the plus side, many are using their creativity to spread awareness. I mean, how could you forget that a storm is coming after seeing these impressive Photoshop renditions? And don’t worry – all the other famous Barneys out there have not been forgotten:

Okay, so we’ve learned one very important lesson: storm names are important. But, for real, who names these weather-related events? It sounds like a cool job that, at times such as these, can be extremely stressful. Especially when you innocently name a storm Barney and the whole Internet goes bonkers. In spite of all these jokes, we have to wonder: WWBS? (What would Barney say?) Considering that he is a fun-loving dinosaur, we have a feeling he’d respond with an enthusiastic “Super dee-duper!” But seriously, stay safe out there, guys. Because no one wants to see this:

[Images via Twitter]

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