Twitter users all agree: Finding a smooth pen is one of the best feelings ever

Life is full of small moments of sheer joy. Digging your hands in the sand, opening a fresh jar of Nutella, and, of course, finding a proper writing instrument. Twitter users all agree: Finding a smooth pen is one of the best feelings ever. We might not know we even needed it, but once we have a pen like that, everything is different.

Internet users have been posting hilarious personal takes on what it is like to find a smooth pen that fits their needs. We all know that if you find one in your work place, that pen will need to be hidden. Otherwise, you risk it being lost in the ether that is a shared office space.

Has there ever been a better reason to move up the corporate ladder?! Just imagine being the boss and getting someone to special-order your favorite writing utensils. Now that’s a reason to put in those quarterly report numbers in early.

Even a hilarious mixup over a pen can happen.


To be fair, when most people hear about trying out a new pen, they don’t automatically assume it is a vape pen. If anything, we’ll take the natural high of writing an exceptional note with a pen that glides on paper over weed.

Pens are important.

At the end of the day, having the proper supplies will help you work harder.

No. You are not alone. Everyone works harder after finding a smooth pen. That is why countless articles list pens that are considered at the top of their game. Did you know that the most expensive pen in the world costs close to 1.5 million dollars? It’s called Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen and it has 30 carats of diamonds incrusted in the handle. No word on how smooth is writes, but for that price tag, it better come with someone who writes for you.