Twitter has a collective freakout over the “Rogue One” premiere, and here’s what early reactions say

The world has been collectively holding its breath since the new Star Wars prequel Rogue One was announced years ago. Would the movie be any good? We had hopes: after all, the trailers were awesome. The casting, genius. And last night, when Rogue One premiered, the world finally could collectively expell those breaths in cheers.

According to Twitter, where various celebrities tweeted their Rogue One premiere reactions, and guys, the movie is a hit.

The reviews for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story are almost universally positive.

This is a relief, considering how terrified we were when we learned about the massive reshoots, which director Gareth Edwards was totally able to explain.  OMG, we cannot wait to watch this movie!!! Because there won’t be a sequel (which Felicity Jones is totally cool with) we expect the experience to be self-contained and all the more sweet for it.

Here are some of the many tweets praising Rogue One:

Dane Cook can’t help but build our expectations…

Dwight (Rainn Wilson) was full of praise… what would Jim say?

Beloved nerd Wil Wheaton gives the film a throwback nod of support.

Master of all things Comic Kevin Smith agrees with the hype.

And the praise keeps coming…


As if our expectations were not high enough! Rogue One comes out December 16th. We seriously cannot wait. No wonder Star Wars fans broke the internet trying to buy early tickets. Hopefully those of us who haven’t bought our tickets early will be able to get into a show. May the force be with us!

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