Here are the best Twitter responses to Trump’s “nasty woman” comment, and, we needed this

If you watched the third presidential debate last night, you probably noticed that things got ugly (as in, unprecedented levels of ugly). Like some kind of overgrown man-child, Trump resorted to calling Clinton a “nasty woman,” which sparked Twitter rages. Honestly we’re not even sure why we’re so shocked at this point, considering Trump’s language from the last debate left us furious and confused (until he got the “Arrested Development” treatment the next day, of course). And things certainly seem to be snowballing.

The social media responses to Trump’s nasty comment were right on point, and absolutely no one seemed to be letting him get away with ridiculous name-calling.

Firstly, let’s briefly relive that sour moment from the debate (sorry).


Now let the Twitter comments roll…

Some people even started using #nastywoman as the definition of girl power, and we dig that so much.

So much YES!


And the best Twitter reaction of all came from the “Nasty Woman” herself.

It’s great to see people banding together to turn this negative incident into something positive and empowering.

Throughout the election campaign, Trump’s hugely sexist remarks have been a talking point amongst voters, and for good reason. No one should be allowed to treat women with so little respect, much less a candidate for president.

If something struck a chord with you while watching the debate, make sure you’re registered to vote in the upcoming election! Oh, and the term ‘Nasty Woman’ is definitely a good thing for the time being fyi. So channel your inner-nasty like a #BOSS!

H/T: US Weekly