Twitter is rejoicing over the New Zealand Prime Minister’s pregnancy announcement

On Friday, January 18th, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern revealed that she is pregnant with her first child. Her announcement makes her the first world leader since 1990 to be expecting a baby while in office – and people are thrilled. Following the news of her pregnancy, Twitter was ablaze with messages of support and excitement for the PM.

“Clarke and I are really excited that in June our team will expand from two to three, and that we’ll be joining the many parents out there who wear two hats,” Ardern announced in a Facebook post. “I’ll be Prime Minister AND a mum, and Clarke will be ‘first man of fishing’ and stay-at-home dad.”

Ardern also preemptively shut down sexist naysayers, stating, “I am not the first woman to multitask.” Many on Twitter celebrated the major announcement, as well as what Ardern’s pregnancy means for working women everywhere.

Former Prime Minister Hellen Clark also sent her best wishes.

Other Twitter users clapped back at critics who believe Ardern can’t be both a mother and a PM (um, it’s 2018 people!).

Ardern has also shut down sexist questions and remarks in the past. When asked about her “family plans” by a journalist when she first took office, she quickly shut the question down as both sexist and “unacceptable,” noting a male politician would never be asked such a question.

Congratulations to Jacinda and Clarke! We can’t wait to watch this family remind the world that women are strong as hell, and should not be underestimated.

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