Ivanka Trump dressed up like a “scientist,” and the Twitter roast has begun

In his time in office, President Donald Trump has courted controversy for many things, one of them being the prominent government roles he gave to his family members despite their lack of experience. In particular, the president’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, has taken the president’s place in several unexpected meetings, such as her visit to the recent Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Most recently, the first daughter’s government role led her to dress like a scientist during a visit to Iowa. And the internet was quick to mock Ivanka Trump’s lab coat photo op.

Trump was in Iowa on March 19th to promote her father’s infrastructure plan. As part of her trip, she visited the Waukee Innovation and Learning Center, a job training and research facility similar to the programs the president has promised to fund. While she was there, Trump assumed the role of scientist, helping high school students measure the nicotine levels present in vape juice using a test tube. A photographer with Trump snapped pictures of her conducting the experiment while clad in a lab coat, gloves, and protective eyewear. At the end of the day, Trump shared several of the photos on her personal Twitter account.

Twitter wasted no time in making Trump a meme.


Several users panned the first daughter for her lack of experience.


Some scientists called Trump out for her “cosplay.”

Trump has called for greater diversity in STEM fields. In November, at a summit in Tokyo, she called for equal “female and minority participation” in these industries. But, as many noted in their tweets, the first daughter has no experience that would qualify her to take her father’s place in important policy meetings (even though she does this a lot). All in all, we can’t say we’re thrilled about Ivanka Trump’s political role, even if her lab coat photo makes a pretty great meme.