The U.S. women’s figure skaters got their lowest scores in years, but Twitter still has their backs

The women figure skaters from the United States kind of had a bummer ending to the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Even though Team USA was filled with all-stars —  some who ended up making history (we’re looking at you with that triple axel, Mirai Nagasu) — they ended up finishing 9th, 10th, and 11th individually. Nagasu, along with figure skaters Bradie Tennell and Karen Chen, were all expected to be solid contenders for a medal.

And it’s rare for the women’s figure skating team to not reach the top. This is the first time that the women skaters from the United States got less than sixth place since World War II. Even though we thought that all three of them would have placed higher, we’re still incredibly proud. After all, they’re still top athletes; they just had tough competition, as the Olympic Games bring only the best of the best.

After their placement was announced this morning, February 23rd, Twitter users hopped on the site to show their support — medal or no medal.



15-year-old Alina Zagitova of Russia ended up taking home the gold, with Evgenia Medvedeva (also of Russia) nabbing silver. Kaetlyn Osmond of Canada rounded it out with bronze. Needless to say, all three ladies are amazingly talented, and we’re genuinely happy for them (even though it’s admittedly bittersweet, because…Team USA!)

While it’s a shame that the top U.S. contenders ended up scoring relatively low, we love that everyone showered them with the positivity and praise they deserved. You’re all champions to us!