Twitter is not pleased with Amazon’s new “Amazon Key” feature

When tech companies announce new features and products, there’s usually some grumbling on social media. Although sometimes it’s just snark for snark’s sake — like when Apple released their wireless earbuds last year — sometimes Twitter has a pretty valid point. This just may be the case with Twitter’s reaction to Amazon’s new “Amazon Key” feature. In case you missed it, the Amazon Key feature is supposed to be part of your eventual connected home and facilitate easier deliveries.

But it does so in a slightly unsettling way.

Basically, you allow delivery people to open up the door to your home and leave your Prime packages in your foyer. You could also let in your dog walker, a neighbor, or anyone else you needed to get into your house that you trusted. To make it work, you’d have to have Amazon’s Cloud Cam, which is their home locking service.

A delivery person or friend would have to scan a barcode to unlock your door, get in, and do whatever they have to do.  There’s a camera that comes with Amazon’s lock, so you’ll be able to watch everything in real time. And if anything were to happen, there’s video footage.

Many on Twitter were less than convinced that this is a good idea, since it involves letting a stranger into your home. And cameras are great and all, but they won’t exactly protect you while you’re in danger. 

Here was just some of the online feedback:

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HOWEVER, Some people weren’t totally put off by the idea.


Others had more serious, very valid fears.


Maybe in the future the world will be a kinder, gentler place, where a concept like this won’t insight fear in the heart’s of Amazon users. But for now, the jury’s still out on this new potential feature.

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