Twitter’s fire commentary was almost better than Ed Sheeran’s “Game of Thrones” cameo last night

Last night, Season 7 of Game of Thrones *finally* premiered, so in case you haven’t watched yet, go watch it, because there are mild SPOILERS AHEAD.

The premiere episode checked in with all of our favorite characters and introduced some new ones. Ed Sheeran made his Game of Thrones debut, and the internet had some FEELINGS about it. We were actually surprised by the reaction, because so many people were frustrated by the cameo. That being said, we understand the reaction insofar as Game of Thrones isn’t typically the place for casual cameos. Here are some of the most spirited Twitter responses to Ed’s appearance during last night’s premiere episode.

First, here’s Ed’s appearance (and totally fabulous song) on Game of Thrones.

Not surprisingly, plenty of viewers were thrown off by Ed’s sudden appearance.


Some even wanted to see Ed’s character meet some violence.

To be fair, this is what Game of Thrones does to people. It’s some people’s greatest dreams to be brutally killed on the show. But this was just one episode, so there’s still time for Ed’s character to meet his doom.

Plenty of fans had some fun with captions featuring Ed’s lyrics.



Although some realized that maybe the internet was overreacting.


The internet blowing something out of proportion? Never!

But regardless, no one can deny that the song was amazing.

Honestly, since that scene with Arya felt very unfinished, we bet we see Ed’s character again. We can’t wait to see what happens to him and his roaming soldier buddies.

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