Twitter is re-casting our favorite movies with diversity in mind and we NEED to see these versions

If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite movie would be like without any straight white male actors, now is your chance! Journalist, movie fan, and Twitter user Brian J. White, asked his followers to recast famous movies without straight, white male actors. So basically picture The Notebook but replace Ryan Gosling with Dev Patel. Or How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days but replace McConaughey with John Boyega. Do I have your attention?

When White tweeted his idea, he received hundreds of retweets (and counting!) He even encouraged gender flipping! false

He led with his own example, casting a diverse and well thought out group of actors.


Clearly White is like us, a John Boyega fan. (And who can blame him?)

Swiftly after his tweet, other Twitter users started to chime in with their own casting ideas.

This choice is so genius we want to write to whoever is in charge and have this movie re-made! Jaden’s tweets are already super futuristic, and he comes from solid acting stock so…all-around, a brilliant idea.

Super love the idea of Cher being in anything.


Harry Potter reboot? Clearly they’re all adults in this version, but OK!

Who wouldn’t love to see Hogwarts recast? Although it was cute to watch Daniel Radcliffe as Harry we would LOVE to see Dev Patel play the boy who lived and Cherrelle Skeete would undoubtedly blow our minds as Hermione.

Who would you recast without standard straight, white male actors? The possibilities are beautiful.

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