This Twitter queen retweeted pictures of dogs the entire debate, because we all needed something positive in our feeds

Last night, the second Presidential Debate was held, and there was a lot to digest. Republican Nominee Donald Trump and Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton faced off in a town hall style, tackling topics like Donald’s recently released comments about women, the candidates’ strategy for Syria, and the future of the Supreme Court. Frankly, there was a lot of heavy and frustrating stuff, so that’s why one woman, Rachel Syme, a writer and reporter, spent the entire debate doing something fantastic.

Rather than spending time on Twitter commenting on the debate, Rachel Syme retweeted peoples’ pictures of their dogs, because we needed a little cuteness in the midst of the debate madness.


It was a brilliant idea, and we were so grateful for a little cuteness in our feed.

When Donald Trump was defending his comments about women as “locker room talk,” we were able to look at THIS FACE.

When we were totally just as worried about healthcare as the voter who asked about it, we just wanted to snuggle up with this guy.

When we were super confused by the way Donald Trump was lurking behind Hillary all night, we just got lost in this little puppy’s eyes.

And when we were getting frustrated by the negative comments on our social media, we just remembered to keep things chill, like this suave pup.

Yeah, we basically got through the debates on the power of cuteness, and we’re not sorry.