Twitter users have serious feelings about the perfect date night

Planning a date one of the most nerve-wracking things that humans do. It’s hard to get them right, but there are practically endless ways to get them wrong. Add to that the pressures of online dating, and the stress of meeting someone IRL for the first time. It doesn’t always seem like fun.

Luckily, Twitter users have some good advice/dream date ideas. Whether it’s pizza and beer, or a night playing board games an being weird, these people have some great ideas for your future adventures. Take notes, people!

Some people just want a free babysitter.

Hey, that $15 an hour really adds up. false

While others have a slightly more improbable vision for their date.

We can probably do better than Johnny Depp at this point, though. false

Some are inspired by classic Disney movies…

Puppies! Spaghetti! What more do we need???

Others have simple needs.


Some people just want people to to be weird with.

Be wary of board games on a date.

They get preeeetty intense.

Let music inspire you

And also alcohol.

And most importantly…wine!

Wine all day, wine all night. Wine forever. false

And if you happen to do all of these things at once, you will have a very excellent/very memorable time with your beloved. Go forth and conquer the dating world, young grasshopper.

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