This model’s optical illusion selfie has Twitter in a tizzy

Do you remember the days of The Dress? That strange little fashionable piece that had us all talking for weeks? Was it black and blue or white and gold? Or neither?! These are the kinds of conversations we live for. They’re basically why Twitter exists and a reminder that, hey, we are all human and can mindlessly argue about something as silly as the color of a dress. We love a good Twitter optical illusion and the conversations that arise from them. There was the brick wall optical illusion a few years back that drove us insane. And sometimes, even our pets get into them, like this cat that we could totally relate to.

Now, there’s a new Twitter optical illusion that has everyone buzzing. A model posted two selfies of her outfit — which combines vertical and horizontal stripes — meant to highlight her bold fashion choice. However, because it’s The Internet, it went totally viral.

Look at these photos. What do you see? A girl with extremely skinny legs or a girl wearing track pants? Obviously, it’s the latter. But at first glance, it seriously looks like she has two super skinny legs. It’s honestly hard to unsee now. false

People took note of the Twitter optical illusion and it quickly went viral.

People had JOKES.

Of course, not everyone is seeing The Girl With Very Skinny Legs. Some people are desperate to know what’s so funny.



Oh, Twitter. Gotta love it. And Rose, we think your pattern mixing rules!

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