Britney Spears Has Reportedly Considered a Tell-All Interview With Oprah’s Help

Let the group manifesting begin.

Update, March 19th, 2021: Twitter may have been onto something! A source close to Britney Spears shared with Entertainment Tonight on March 18th that the pop star has considered sharing her true story—and she might want Oprah Winfrey to help her do it.

“Britney has considered speaking out about her past, mostly because she doesn’t feel others should tell her story,” the source shared. “She’s always hated doing interviews but if she ever takes that step, Oprah would most likely be her first choice. At this point, there is no plan in the works for her to do an interview but when she does, there will be steps Britney would need to take before speaking out.”

This source also said that Spears has been in a happier place lately and deeply appreciates all the fan support she’s received, especially since the documentary about her life, Framing Britney Spears, was released. “While she hasn’t been able to make changes to her conservatorship, she’s received millions of messages from fans on social media and she feels far more understood,” the source said.

Original story, March 9th, 2021: As we all knew she would, Oprah Winfrey got to the bottom of what really went down between the royal family and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And now that their tea has been spilled and the truth has come out, according to Twitter, it’s time for Oprah to hop on the #FreeBritney train and do her thing.

Due to Oprah’s hard-hitting questions, we learned that members of “the firm” refused Meghan help when she began having suicidal thoughts during her pregnancy with son Archie and that some senior members of the royal family even questioned what Archie’s skin tone would be once he arrived, with Meghan noting that they refused him a title before he was even born.

So with all that being said…Twitter thinks Oprah may just be the perfect powerhouse to get to the bottom of Spears’ decade-long conservatorship, which was recently at the center of the viral documentary The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney Spears.

Court documents, old interviews, and close sources to the pop star can only tell us so much about where Spears stands on her conservatorship, currently co-headed by her father, whom she has a tumultuous relationship with. Going to Spears herself with the right questions could blow the case wide open.

If many Twitter brains are put together, magic may just happen.

Oprah unfurled the racism and lack of mental health care within the royal family unit thus causing devastation within the U.K. as citizens are forced to come to terms with the fact that their picturesque monarchy is wildly behind the times. So, what then, could Oprah do for those who may be unjustly stuck in a similar conservatorship situation as Spears or just now dealing with the results of the early 2000s toxicity toward young women, both famous and not?

Oprah, you heard our prayers. And only you are able to make this miracle come true.

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