Twitter just launched a new feature that will make staying spoiler-free *so* much easier

The answer to one of our greatest social media woes is finally here: Twitter is introducing a mute feature.

While at first glance, this may seem like a ‘meh’ adjustment, take a second to think about it. No longer will you have to avoid the internet until you watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones or Westworld. No longer will you have to avoid social media or unfollow people you’ve followed for ages if you don’t want to see the kind of content they’re sharing. You can even prevent embarrassing NSFW faux pas if inappropriate promoted (or followed, we’re not judgin’) posts come up on your Twitter feed.

Twitter’s new feature will allow users to mute words, phrases, hashtags, and other specifics so that tweets regarding these things stay far, far away from your feed.

Need a break from the harsh political realities lately? Go ahead, take it. Not ready to find out who’s dead now on The Walking Dead? You don’t have to! One of the best and worst features of social media is that it’s an aggregate of voices and opinions and interests, and while the fact that those things are genuinely coming from people you know or admire is one of the best things about social media, it can also really ruin your life. (We’re talking about spoilers. Spoilers ruin lives, people.)

In addition to blocking things out of sheer disinterest, discomfort, or in deference to spoilers, this could be an important feature for users who need trigger warnings. If something is traumatic to you, you can now effectively block it from your feed. So we joke about this feature saving lives, but hey, this feature could save lives.

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