Twitter is having TOO MUCH FUN with the new Trump-Pence campaign logo

These are tough times we’re living in, my friends, so a good laugh is never unwelcome. In case you need a giggle, just sign onto Twitter and have a look at all the commentary on the new Trump-Pence campaign logo.

All you need to know before we get started is that the presumptive Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump, has chosen Indiana governor Mike Pence to be his running mate, and the RNC has just released the campaign logo for everyone to see (and laugh at, apparently). false

I mean… it’s a gold mine for jokes of all kinds, especially sex jokes, which are the best kinds of jokes. Just look at it! How could we not take off running with it? Samantha Bee kicked us off with her own interpretation. false

That was just the start, though. Nobody held back. false false false false

We feel like we also got some pretty good insight as to what the creation process of this logo was like. false false false

Finally, let’s not turn away from the truly hilarious, wonderfully raunchy remarks. false false false

Ah, how refreshing to see everyone online acting like a 12-year-old. You know, kind of like how Trump acts most of the time.

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