Twitter just put all those millennial complaints to bed with one awesome tweet

Every single generation thinks that the people that were born after them are a mess. The greatest generation complained about the boomers, the boomers hate gen X, and EVERYONE piles on millennials. It’s a fact! Well, it looks like Twitter just put all those millennial complaints to bed with one awesome tweet.

Alex Williams is getting a lot of online love for his original tweet and sparking conversation. He mused on Twitter over why adults constantly call millennials out for complaining. Or more accurately what they think is classified as complaining. His logic is pretty solid and makes you think.

In addition to making a pretty funny point, Alex’s tweet calls out the logic behind saying that the generation below you is too needy. After all, who raised that generation to be this way? It’s a fairly accurate point! Luckily, other people joined Alex is Tweeting their own amazing points, starting a conversation about what it means to be a millennial these days.

Some Sick Burns

While a lot of these Tweets are funny, some do come with a sting. false

Truth hurts sometimes, doesn’t it.

Millennials have bigger goals in mind

Obviously everyone just wants everyone to be happy. But there is a big disconnect between generation preventing that. While a lot of people call millennials entitled, they are missing the point. The millennial generation just wants bigger and better things and often times find it frustrating that their efforts are not rewarded. You can’t show us Teslas, the internet, and space exploration but then expect us to be satisfied with a minimum wage job after getting a college degree. Especially when the gap between cost of living and a middle-class lifestyle continues to grow.

The current generation of students has more student loan debt and less job prospects than those from previous generations. Hopefully, tweets like those above can start conversations with older people and possibly brings about a common understanding.