Twitter is loving this 7th grader’s on-point letter to an intolerant adult

Sadly, we encounter examples of bigoted, hateful, and intolerant people on a daily basis. But sometimes, we observe someone who gets inclusiveness so totally right, that it shows there’s still hope for the world.

The most recent example of this came from a seventh grader, and we were amazed by how wise he is beyond his years.

Twitter user Matthew Segal shared a letter printed by a local paper that was penned by Luke, a 12 or 13-year-old boy. Luke responds to an op-ed piece about the “Hate Has No Home Here” signs that his family put up on their front lawn.

In the letter, Luke confronts a critic, Mr. John Natale, of the lawn signs, who accused the sign owners of “snowflake sensitivity.” Luke claims that Mr. Natale misunderstood their meaning entirely. Then, in an epic move, he flips the script on Mr. Natale, saying that if he’s upset over something as small as a sign, then maybe he is the overly-sensitive one.

"Also, Mr. Natale, if you're going to ask us to do you a favor and take the signs down, do humanity a favor and take your Trump signs down," Luke writes.

Twitter is ablaze with folks applauding Luke for his sagacity.

Kudos to Luke for spreading the love — and the knowledge! If he is any indication of our future, things are looking bright.

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