Twitter is currently losing it over this candy corn pizza

There are just some things that don’t go together; toothpaste and orange juice, Harry Potter and Malfoy, candy corn and pizza. Yes, candy corn pizza is a real thing that happened, and we are most certainly not here for it. And of course, this happens as we officially enter autumn, as we start to fully embrace the Halloween spirit.

In what could have been a joke(?), a Twitter user decided to cover his frozen pizza with candy corn. In response, the internet had some major feelings about it. Is this taking the fall feeling too far?

The Twitter user who came up with this frightening concoction apparently ate three slices before becoming ill.

Honestly, we’re more shocked at the fact that he actually ate it than we are at the fact that he got sick.

Since the tweet was posted, it’s received over 15,000 retweets, 35,000 favorites, and nearly 3,000 comments — and with good reason. We have so many questions about this: Who decided this was okay? Why did they have candy corn anyway? What did it taste like, and since when does candy corn melt?

While we’re all about pumpkin and generally spooky-flavored everything, even we have our limits.


Thankfully, the internet is on the same page as us in regards to this candy corn pizza. We don’t understand it, and we respect everyone’s right to pizza, but….why?

At least we know one Halloween-appropriate dish we will not be making this season.