This Twitter chat did not go the way Lane Bryant had hoped

Retailer Lane Bryant, known for stocking more sizes than most stores, has been making an especially concentrated effort this year to be a champion of size inclusivity, with their #ImNoAngel campaign (celebrating women in lingerie who weren’t Victoria’s Secret Angel-sized) and the #PlusIsEqual campaign (which launched in full-force at this year’s New York Fashion Week, as a call to arms for body positivity in the fashion industry).

So when Lane Bryant’s Chief Marketing Officer Brian Beitler made himself available for a Twitter chat with customers with the hashtag #AskLaneBryant yesterday, we imagine he (and the rest of Lane Bryant) were surprised when the hashtag quickly became a forum for customers to launch a veritable mountain of complaints against the retailer.

There were grievances about the lack of racial and size diversity:

Others believed that Lane Bryant is out of touch when it comes to their customer base:

And then there are problems with the actual product itself:

Oh, and then there was BraGate:

So how did Lane Bryant respond? With classy gratitude for their customer honesty and a promise to do better:

We’re so glad that Lane Bryant heard their shoppers loud and clear, and we sincerely hope they’ll be able to make the changes requested in a timely manner so they can truly be serving their customer base.

(Image via Lane Bryant)

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