Twitter says you’re officially an adult when you ask for these items for Christmas, and it’s depressing

As if doing your taxes and paying rent aren’t big enough signs that adult life has hit, asking for practical items for the holidays is the flashing yellow light announcing your entrance into adulthood. Twitter compiled a list of hilarious “you know you’re an adult when” tweets, and honestly we’re mad that we forgot to ask for a microwave this year.

We fondly remember the days when our Christmas lists were littered with Polly Pockets and Super Soakers. But now, all we really want from mom and dad is a new coffee maker, or maybe one of those vacuum Swiffers.

Your inner child is questioning your motives in life, but your outer adult is leaping for joy after receiving such usable gifts. Sorry, inner child. We really wanted and needed that new teapot Mom gave us. You’ll understand when you’re older.

After Christmas celebrants ripped open their presents yesterday morning to reveal the wondrous functional items their loved ones gifted them, many took to Twitter to laugh at themselves for turning into the “boring adults” their kid-selves would yawn at.

"You know you’re officially an adult when you ask your parents for a microwave and 2 umbrellas for Christmas," @sophiemilner_fs tweeted. Girl, we feel you.

And we also feel all of you guys, too.

We’re not boring — we just have our priorities straight. Right? Right? 

We hope you all got the area rugs, windshield wipers, and crockpots of your dreams. If you need us, we’ll be testing out our new snow shovel.

h/t Bustle

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