Twitter just got a makeover, and it looks completely different

One great thing about our favorite apps is that they have to remain dynamic as our tech needs change (and they change rapidly), so it shouldn’t be surprising that Twitter just tweaked its design, giving the app a bit of a makeover in the process.

It seems that the 140-character messaging app made some small design tweaks to make the app easier to use, though some Twitter users aren’t happy about the changes (and we get it, change is hard). And what, specifically, is different, you ask?

Well first, instead of the classic “quill” icon when you’re ready to send your thoughts out to the Twitterverse, it simply says “Tweet.”

There are other small (but noticeable) changes, too, like bolder headlines and round user icons instead of the previous square photos. Additionally, the “reply” button on a tweet is now a speech bubble instead of an arrow.

There’s a new side navigation menu with profile, additional accounts, settings, and privacy in one spot, which previously existed on Android and now will exist on iOS. Also, tweets will instantly update likes, retweets, and replies, giving you a more seamless interaction with your conversations as they’re happening.


The redesign is meant to engage Twitter newbies and increase the app’s following, as other social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and similar platforms continue to grow in popularity. In a blog post, the San Francisco-based company says the changes will roll out “across, Twitter for iOS, Twitter for Android, TweetDeck, and Twitter Lite over the coming days and weeks.”

So be on the lookout for your Twitter feed to appear slightly different than you’re used to…but hopefully more intuitive, which is good news for all Twitter newbies out there.

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