Twitter just learned there might be a hidden meaning in the title of “Isle of Dogs”

Regular moviegoers are likely headed to a theater this weekend to catch Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs. The stop-motion animated film takes place in a fake Japanese city named Megasaki in a dystopian future. All dogs are sent to a trash-filled island as a result of a “canine flu” affecting Megasaki’s human population, declared by the city’s clearly evil mayor. The story then follows a young boy, Atari, who ventures out into the island to find his own dog, Spots. Along the way he runs into other dogs—Duke, Chief, Rex, Boss who help him on his search for Spots.

Although the film scored a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s currently facing backlash for its cultural appropriation of Japanese culture and whitewashing. Upon its opening, a disclaimer is shown that all Japanese dog barks have been translated into English which is why subtitles will be shown throughout. Let’s just say… that didn’t sit well with a lot of people and it got a lot of people talking.

However, now there’s another reason people can’t stop chatting about the animated pup film, and it has to do with Twitter finding a hidden meaning behind its title.

When said out loud, “Isle of Dogs” can sound like “I love dogs.”

The Twitter-verse can barely handle the newly found revelation and are naturally, and understandably freaking out about it.


The sea of GIFs and memes keeps on pouring in as more and more people discover what the movie name sounds like.

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