Twitter responds to a man who is so offended by women wearing baggy shirts, he calls them “trashwalkers”

Women across the nation are clapping back in the best way possible to a man who took to Facebook to voice his unfounded disgust of baggy shirts. Yup, it’s as crazy as it sounds. In the post, the Facebook user identified as David Kimmel-Spivey writes at length about his dislike of oversized shirts, and describes the women who wear them as “trashwalkers.” He wrote,

“What the crap is up with these basic ass teenage girls that look like crap wearing a huge baggy t-shirt and micro mini shorts. It looks like they’re only wearing a baggy t-shirt that you would barely even sleep in and some basic flip-flops but they’re carrying a designer handbag. I just saw a few of these disgusting creatures aka #trashwalkers.

The rant is paired with a photo of Hailey Baldwin rocking a big tee and sneakers, which he describes as “an upgrade version” of what he saw in Highland Park, Texas an area he describes as “the fanciest area of Dallas.” But he doesn’t stop the slut-shaming there. He continues, questioning the parents of these girls.

“It enrages me to a point of hatred that no one can understand. I would like to refer to these girls as trash walkers because it’s something that you would wear taking out the trash. Why would these parents let them go out in public like this! To make matters worse — I think this is a regional thing because I travel all the time, and I don’t see this crap anywhere but here.”

As you can imagine, Twitter is not having it.

The post first went viral when Twitter user Brenna Holtzclaw shared a screenshot of the Facebook post along with the caption “I feel so attacked.” The tweet has more than 20,000 likes and nearly 8,000 retweets and has received several responses decrying Kimmel-Spivey’s post.

In response, many women have started uploading photos of themselves wearing oversized shirts on Twitter and it is glorious. While it’s uplifting and empowering to see women fight back, the notion of a man policing women’s outfits is not a new thing, and we’re bummed that it keeps happening. Whether a woman is shamed for dressing “immodestly,” or straight up body-shamed, we have a long way to go before things like this stop from ever happening.


Alright trashwalkers, time to grab our baggy shirts and unite.

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