Twitter is confused about Chrissy Teigen’s latest Halloween costume idea

Halloween is quickly approaching, and Chrissy Teigen has ideas for Halloween costumes for her and husband John Legend. The only problem is that people can’t really figure out what they are.

Teigen is all about costumes. So much so that last year, she dressed baby Luna in more than one for a fun Instagram photo shoot. Not only was Luna a banana, but she was a hot dog too. (And a peacock. And Minnie Mouse.) While we’re sure she’ll be dressed in something else adorable, if not five adorable things, we get the feeling that we’ll be able to identify her costume right off the bat.

Unlike this.

Our mind first went to ramen flavor packets, but as many fans pointed out, they could also be condoms.

Thankfully, they were properly identified before things got too crazy.

As Teigen’s fans demonstrated, a ramen-related costume is definitely something that can be done.

Still, there are a few questions we have. Teigen and Legend would be able to pull it off (since they can pull off anything) but now the anticipation of the big costume debut is killing us.

Speaking of costumes, seems like a good time to pay tribute to one of our favorite Teigen costumes — Guy Fieri, who she dressed up as back in 2015.

The costume was put together for a Halloween episode of FABLife, which sadly just lasted for one season. But if she still has the flame shirt and wig somewhere in her closet, it could always make a welcomed re-appearance in case the ramen costumes don’t work out.