Twitter is at war over how to pronounce “Reese’s”

Ahh, Twitter debates. There always seems to be one of them going on. But the most recent struck a chord with us, because it’s something we’ve often wondered ourselves. How do you pronounce the candy called Reese’s?

It turns out that Twitter is strongly divided on the topic. Some believe that Reese’s is said like “REE-SIS,” like the possessive of the name Reese. Others feel that it should be pronounced “REE-CEES,” which has a more melodic rhyme scheme to it. But which one is it supposed to be?!

One Twitter user posted a poll on Twitter, and as of publication, more than 160,000 people have cast their votes on the topic.

Some people say that the spinoff candy Reese’s Pieces should indicate that it’s REE-CEES, not REE-SIS.

Others disagreed. false

Then there are some others that reference Reese’s commercials, claiming they always say REE-SIS.

Some people came up with some pretty hilarious responses.


Others just said, who cares! And some say they know they say it wrong, but they aren’t changing their ways.

Apparently, the debate has been going on for a while. Because Reese’s officially addressed the issue back in April! Unfortunately, they didn’t really give us the definitive answer we were looking for.

Honestly, this answer is kind of a copout, but we kind of agree. People should be able to pronounce the name of the fan-favorite candy however they want!

How do you say the name of the orange-wrapped chocolate-peanut butter treat? And would you ever change how you say it?

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